a tea ceremony in china.

my video doesn’t do this little flower justice. it’s pair, the romeo flower, was unraveling next to it slowly showing its red flower. juliet is the flower above, but what the video didn’t show was the small white flower that popped out of the center. they have several different handmade tea flowers that have the tea and dried flowers that come alive while the tea is brewing. romeo and juliet were my favorite though 😉 

in total I think we sampled 12 different kinds of tea. I was surprised how much I liked each one of them without milk or sugar or anything. there is something about watching them actually mix the leaves that makes you feel like it’s a piece of art. so it would feel wrong to add something. definitely changed the way I think about tea…

this was about half way through. you can see the jars of tea starting to pile up to the left and the romeo and juliet tea in the center.


i’m not saying i’m a tea person, but who knows China might change me. I have  drank more green tea in the last month then I thought humanly possible… but I also gave up soda while in China so I’m getting pretty desperate. there are worse things.

needless to say for those of you who can make it out for a visit we are definitely going to the tea house!

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