can i just say something crazy?

… i’m leaving for china in 8 hours.

excuse me, i’m MOVING to china in 8 hours. that’s only one more sleep people! and i say “sleep” lightly because i’m going to get minimal shut eye waking up at 3:45 a.m. yikes. that’s ‘saying something crazy’ enough for me.

the final checklist:

  • packed and repacked my 2 checked bags, 2 carry-ons to be under 50lbs. (impressed?)
  • said goodbye to my dog
  • double checked my passport (all about that chinese z-visa life)
  • reread emails from work cause i KNOW if forgetting something
  • printed 6 ‘passport sized’ photos that i had forgot i needed from the above email…
  • hugged Nymeria (the dog)
  • made my childhood room look ‘guestroom ready’
  • realized i forgot to leave room for ALL my morning stuff…
  • set an earlier alarm to deal with said stuff
  • went and snuggled my dog some more


so my day tomorrow is pretty straight forward. well more like straight west, but you get it. i’m flying 6:30a.m. to LAX. meeting some other performers and then we are all heading out on american airlines to land in china on saturday afternoon. i know. i’m a traitor taking american airlines when dad’s a pilot for united. what are you going to do? …in my defense it was not my choice. disney handled all the airfare/travel/times.

i will post soon with pictures of my apartment and everything as soon as i’m able. for now, i think i should get some sleep! my last night in america for the whole year. woah.



hello future home 🙂



…this is not my picture, it’s Marvin Stavars from 2010. he is wonderful and i hope to take pictures like him someday.





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