a tea ceremony in china.

my video doesn’t do this little flower justice. it’s pair, the romeo flower, was unraveling next to it slowly showing its red flower. juliet is the flower above, but what the video didn’t show was the small white flower that popped out of the center. they have several different handmade tea flowers that have the tea and dried flowers that come alive while the tea is brewing. romeo and juliet were my favorite though 😉 

in total I think we sampled 12 different kinds of tea. I was surprised how much I liked each one of them without milk or sugar or anything. there is something about watching them actually mix the leaves that makes you feel like it’s a piece of art. so it would feel wrong to add something. definitely changed the way I think about tea…

this was about half way through. you can see the jars of tea starting to pile up to the left and the romeo and juliet tea in the center.


i’m not saying i’m a tea person, but who knows China might change me. I have  drank more green tea in the last month then I thought humanly possible… but I also gave up soda while in China so I’m getting pretty desperate. there are worse things.

needless to say for those of you who can make it out for a visit we are definitely going to the tea house!

life in the last few weekends.


Maan Coffee gives you little teddies instead of numbers to find where you are sitting. they are so cute 🙂


and sometimes you get stuck walking in the rain for 1.5 hours because google maps doesn’t work in china and the kerry hotel LOOKS like it would be 30 min away from you, but it’s not. it’s really not.

I just finished my third weekend here in shanghai and I feel like i’m slowly getting the hang of it here. of course there was the incident last weekend where a friend and I got chased through the market by a chinese man (we were trying to compare prices at other places and he didn’t like that much, don’t worry we still got our boots) and then there was the time that we traveled all the way to Ikea finally figuring out the metro system… only to learn it closed 15min before we got there (those week day hours get you every time), not to mention I don’t think I will ever try to order pizza again without knowing SOME chinese. my personal favorite was this morning when my grocery delivery guy woke me up at 6am yabbering in chinese. after the translator called me back i learned he couldn’t get up to my apartment so I had to go let him in… in my pjs… half asleep… 17 floors below me. uggg. so it’s not perfect. but i’m learning.













my shanghai dictionary:

  • Maan Coffee: two story coffeehouse with waffles and books everywhere!
  • Fields: groceries delivered to your door! (well… sometimes)
  • Yu Gardens: favorite spot i’ve found so far.
  • Green Tea: what you drink all day every day.
  • Pizza Hut: you think it’s an easy dinner, but you are wrong. so. so. wrong.
  • xue bao: chinese for snowman. (if you only knew how much I hear this in a day)

random. but accurate 😉 i hope to add to it soon!


fun fact. the yu gardens aren’t really that old, they are just made to look that way to represent a bunch of different dynasties. still one of the best spots so far though. it’s like entering a different world. it was also a wonderful setting to have our “traditional tea ceremony”.





hi. hi me? oh, hi. 

i can’t believe that this week has slipped away from me so fast. I know I have been here for coming up on two weeks, but it feels like I’ve been here for six months. do you know what I mean? that feeling where you know in your head it hasn’t been long, but it feels like forever… but in a good way. anyway, that’s what happens when you’re working 10 hour days! it’s a good thing though. 

work is amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to work with, and there are still more coming! our cast of people are in full swing of training and prep work (yes, lots and lots of mandarin learning) to be ready for park opening. 

Shanghai is so much different than I imagined it would be. my apartment, the people, the atmosphere, even the weather. I don’t know what I thought it would be, but it’s exceeded any expectations I had that’s for sure! I mean our apartment building threw us an Easter party for heavens sake… in China! crazy.

… well that’s all for now I’ll update with some pictures from the weekend soon!


can i just say something crazy?

… i’m leaving for china in 8 hours.

excuse me, i’m MOVING to china in 8 hours. that’s only one more sleep people! and i say “sleep” lightly because i’m going to get minimal shut eye waking up at 3:45 a.m. yikes. that’s ‘saying something crazy’ enough for me.

the final checklist:

  • packed and repacked my 2 checked bags, 2 carry-ons to be under 50lbs. (impressed?)
  • said goodbye to my dog
  • double checked my passport (all about that chinese z-visa life)
  • reread emails from work cause i KNOW if forgetting something
  • printed 6 ‘passport sized’ photos that i had forgot i needed from the above email…
  • hugged Nymeria (the dog)
  • made my childhood room look ‘guestroom ready’
  • realized i forgot to leave room for ALL my morning stuff…
  • set an earlier alarm to deal with said stuff
  • went and snuggled my dog some more


so my day tomorrow is pretty straight forward. well more like straight west, but you get it. i’m flying 6:30a.m. to LAX. meeting some other performers and then we are all heading out on american airlines to land in china on saturday afternoon. i know. i’m a traitor taking american airlines when dad’s a pilot for united. what are you going to do? …in my defense it was not my choice. disney handled all the airfare/travel/times.

i will post soon with pictures of my apartment and everything as soon as i’m able. for now, i think i should get some sleep! my last night in america for the whole year. woah.



hello future home 🙂



…this is not my picture, it’s Marvin Stavars from 2010. he is wonderful and i hope to take pictures like him someday.





let it go, let it go.

here. we. go.

i got what i assume to be my last email before i meet everybody in person that i’ve been talking with since, you know, august. even though i have known for a while now, it doesn’t make anything less exciting… just more time to realize how grateful i am for everything i’ve got going here in the united states! i know that i will be (have been?) making some hard goodbyes. with my people, my mountains, my puppy.

looks like i will be starting work on the march 21st(one week from today? ahhh.), followed by rehearsals starting sometime that same week!



and yes, my blog titles may all be frozen themed. sorry not sorry

for the first time in forever.

hello, and welcome!

i’m very excited to be leaving shortly to become one of the opening cast members of the shanghai disney resort.

if you don’t know me, allow me to introduce myself. i’m abbey. i am a recent theatre major grad who somehow got blessed working at disneyworld the last two years. i have loved performing from a very early age, and grew up doing plays and dancing. i’ll confess that working for disney was never a real dream for me, but boy oh boy has it turned out to be so much better than i ever could have expected. i’ll give you the short version of my disney story:

i started in the college program spring/summer 2014 as a quick service food and beverage cast member. after about 2 months of working at the animal kingdom lodge i was transferred into the entertainment department as a character performer* where i spent the rest of my cp(college program). i was able to stay on as a seasonal cast member for the next year while i finished school, joined the adventures by disney cast, and returned to florida the following may. the last 6 months has been waiting for the next adventure, moving to shanghai to help open the newest disney park!

that’s the gist of it. i am so excited for this 13 month journey that is taking me around the world to start… and i’m happy to share it with you! feel free to contact me with any questions/comments you may have through facebook, instagram, or this blog.


**you may notice that i will shy away from using specific roles, work responsibilities, or training details to preserve character integrity. hope you understand!